Rounding Decimal Numbers

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Recognize this: 3.141592653589793238462643383? It's easier to round Pi to 3.1415, isn't it? Sing your way through online resources, examples, and practice as you learn how to round numbers!


Integers/Rational Numbers and Operations

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  • Have trouble rounding numbers, especially decimals?

Check out this helpful Rounding Numbers Song - A parody of Down by Jay Sean, from The Singing History Teachers:

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  • Can you remember all the steps you just learned in the song from the opening section?

If you can't, do not worry just yet. Learning all of the steps and rules to rounding can be overwhelming, but it is an important skill to learn.

Being able to round numbers can help you estimate easily when adding or subtracting larger numbers.

  • If you go to the store with $5.00 and you want to buy a drink for $2.49 and a corndog for $1.89, will you have enough money?

Go to the Rounding Numbers page at to learn the guidelines to rounding numbers and see some great examples.

Move on to the Got it? section to see more examples and practice rounding decimals!

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