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What's another word for "synonym"? One of the neat features of a dictionary is its list of words that mean the same as the entry word. Online games teach you to use synonyms to develop your writing!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Read this sentence: "The little boy was very sad." This is a pretty boring sentence. How can you use a dictionary to make it better?

A dictionary can help you improve your writing.

  1. Look at the sentence in the opening section.
  2. Let's change the word "sad."
  3. Look up "sad" in the dictionary. You can use to find the word "sad."
  4. Read all the way through the definition to the end.
  5. At the end of the definition, there is a list of synonyms. These are words that have the same, or nearly the same, meaning.
  6. Which word would you choose to replace "very sad" in the sentence, "The little boy was very sad"?
  7. Turn and tell your teacher which word you chose. Try out the word in the sentence.
  • How does it sound?

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