How to Use Google Sheets

Contributor: Nichole Brooker. Lesson ID: 10896

Google sheets don't go on your bed; they are spreadsheets you can store and share with others. They are super-easy to create and make pretty! Watch a video, get some typing practice and start sharing!



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  • Have you ever wanted to share your lists of spreadsheets with another person and have him or her add to your spreadsheet?

Google Sheets is the answer!

Google Sheets are the answer to so many questions!

  • What if I get somewhere and forgot to print my spreadsheet?

Log into Google and print from your Google Drive!

  • What if I need to work with someone else on a project that needs a spreadsheet but we don't live near each other?

Create a shared Google Sheet where both of you can edit it and make changes!

  • What if I want to have someone proofread my spreadsheet?

Share it on Google Sheets with him or her and he or she can edit and make changes.

View the How to Use Google Sheets slideshow below.

Pay close attention to the directions so you can create your very own Google Sheet!

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