How to Upload into Google Docs

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You were taught to share with others. Now you can do that with documents and pictures, anywhere you go! Google Drive lets you store and share all the stuff you learned from the other lessons and more!



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Here's a wacky fact:

  • Did you know that Google rents goats?

It's true! They rent goats to cut down on the amount of weeds at their headquarters in California. Google has a lot more than just goats to offer! Google lets you share ideas, stories, and even pictures with anyone, anywhere. Let's learn how to do this!

Your "files" are important to you!

Files are things you have created (like a letter to your mom or a list for gift ideas) that you want to be able to open and change. You should be able to edit, print, or share them anywhere you are! Now you can, if you upload them to your Google Drive. Check it out!

  • Have you ever typed an assignment and then forgotten to print it when you left the house?
  • What if you have a picture you want to show your friends, but it is on your computer and you don't want to take your computer to their house?
  • What if you wanted to share a story you are writing, but you don't want to re-type the whole thing?
  • Uploading to your Google Drive is the best way for you to solve all these problems!

Start by viewing the How to Upload into Google Docs slideshow below.

Pay close attention to the directions so you can upload a file or a picture you have already created on your computer.

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