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Do the figures AABBA and 99669 mean anything? They do if you like Limericks! Learn from engaging videos and classic humorous writings, and try your hand at writing and illustrating funny poems!


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limerick comic

The cartoon above discusses epics, or very long poems, versus limericks, that are very short (only five lines).

Limericks are a very famous example of humorous poetry, because most limericks are meant to be funny.

Humorous poems

  • are also known as light poetry or light verse;
  • are often shorter in length;
  • can be on a funny or serious topic;
  • often include word play, alliteration, puns, or discordant rhythm.

To get a better understanding of humorous poems, watch the following videos:

Poetry Terms - Light Verse




Limerick: Definitions, Rules & Examples at Study.com (You may have to set up a free trial account to watch the entire video).

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