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You are familiar with song lyrics. Even without music, they are still rhythmic and expressive. That is lyric poetry! Let some video teachers, interactives, and Mr. Poe teach you to write lyric poetry!


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Do you love to sing along with your favorite songs but dread reading poetry out loud?

Guess what? Those song lyrics you're singing are poetry!

Often, song lyrics have some type of rhythm or rhyme scheme, and they tell a story. Both of these are elements that are often used in lyric poems.

Lyric Poems:

  • express personal feelings or emotions
  • have a rhythmic feel to them (you could imagine singing them)

While we don't usually sing lyric poems today, in early writings of Ancient Greece and Rome, lyric poems were sung. Many lyric poems of more modern times are read, but have a strong rhythm to them (you may even find yourself reading them in a song-like style).

Watch the following videos for more information about lyric poems:

Introduction to Lyric Poetry

Lyric poems

Poetry for Middle Schoolers- Epic and Lyric Poetry

Now that you have watched the videos, can you see the link between song lyrics and poetry? Review what you learned in the videos with your parent or teacher.

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