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U.S. Landforms

Contributor: Alison Weiss. Lesson ID: 10863

What is the land like where you live? Do you have hills, mountains, deserts, plains? The U.S. has a remarkable variety of land forms, and you will learn about them, and persuade others to visit them!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Do you know what landform is pictured above?
  • Where in the U.S. might you find this landform, and wouldn't you like to see it in person?

The landform pictured in the opening section is a mountain.

More specifically, it is Mount Rainier, located in Washington State. Mt. Rainier is part of the Cascade Mountain Range that runs up the West Coast from California all the way to Canada!

There are many more landforms in the U.S. that make each region different and identifiable.

To find out what different landforms make up the major geographic landforms in the U.S., watch this United States Physical Geography video by Elizabeth Cichy:


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