A Number on Narrative

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Everyone likes a good story, or narration! Stories can be more interesting when written in poetic form. Learn the technique from a batter named Casey and some clever videos, then write your own poem!


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Orange poem cartoon

The girl in the cartoon struggles with her poem because she cannot find a rhyming word.

It's a shame she didn't know about narrative poetry!

Narrative poems:

  • tell a story (they can even include multiple characters).
  • can be about any subject.
  • are usually written in metered verse.
  • can rhyme, but do not have to rhyme.

Watch the following videos to get a clearer understanding of narrative poetry:

Narrative Poems (Becky Moore):


Narrative Poetry (Tim Lebya):


Do you have a good grasp of what narrative poetry is? Then continue on to the Got It? section to read a classic!

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