Writing a Right Resume!

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Why should anyone want to hire you over someone else? That's the question that a well-crafted resume will answer. Using a custom resume manual and online sources, learn to write the right resume!


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Imagine that you submit your résumé for your dream job. The potential employer looks at your résumé for 10 seconds and moves onto the next one, hopefully not laughing. You don't receive a call for an interview. What happened? Why didn't you receive a call? Learn how to make your résumé stand out so you get called for an interview!

Can you put everything about yourself on one or two sheets of paper?

You will have to when you write your first résumé. Well, not everything, but enough to get your foot in the door!

The first step of the process is learning what a résumé is. What is a résumé?

  • A résumé provides a summary of your skills, education, experience, and accomplishments. It is snapshot of who you are professionally.

  • The point of the résumé is not to show what you've done, but what you've accomplished! Do you understand the difference?

Are you wondering why a high school student may need a résumé?

  • There are many reasons why a high school student should have a résumé: Foundation for future résumés; helps you display your accomplishments and apply for a job; helps to complete college applications or may help in a college interview; applying for an internship.

Brainstorm some other reasons that you might need a résumé.

How often should you update your résumé?

  • You should update your résumé any time you have something new to add to it, e.g., experience, education, accomplishments, volunteer work, etc.

  • Also, each job opening requires a custom résumé, so be sure to craft and save a great master one you can easily copy and modify!

Creating a résumé can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s important to understand the main goal of the résumé: to pique the interest of the potential employer and clearly communicate your strengths. The résumé is the tool that gets you an interview.

What is an interview? An interview is a meeting between an employer and job applicant to discuss possible employment.

Here is a sample of a really bad résumé from Education World. Why do you think it's bad? What did Sally Sad accomplish? Would Sally's personality fit your workplace?

Once you are done laughing at Sally's résumé, please read Writing a Good Résumé: Student Critique and Practice Exercise from Education World to review what Sally did wrong (You'll have to scroll down to Sally's Missteps).

Here is another resource to review good and bad résumés from PONGO: Good and Bad Résumés: Want to See the Difference?

Now, it's time to look at good résumés, so continue on to the Got It? section to view a detailed manual.

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