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Now you know what Mexico looks like and how it got there, as it were. Finally, let's look at the people and culture! Food, art, music, online articles, kid life - experience it all with this lesson!


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From delicious Mexican food and traditional Mexican music and dance, to the highly celebrated Mexican holidays, Mexican culture is unique and colorful! What are some of the Mexican traditions and celebrations that make the culture so vibrant? Explore this lesson to find out!

As you work on this lesson, enjoy a little traditional Mexican music!

People Mexico's history has led to a unique Mexican culture.

The Mexican nation is made up of three main groups of people: those of Native descent, those of European descent, and 60% of the population who are mestizos, a mix of native and European descent.

Due to the Spanish conquest, most Mexicans speak Spanish and practice Roman Catholicism.

  • Do you ever wonder how the life of a child in Mexico is similar to or different from yours?

Read this FactMonster article to find out: Kids from Mexico. Then, check out A Day in the Life of a Mexican Student, at Journey North.

Learn more about the Mexican people in this informative article, Mexican People (Facts About Mexico).

Culture Art, literature, music, dance, food, holidays, and sports all contribute to Mexican culture.

Bullfighting and the rodeo were both created in Mexico. Tacos, burritos, and tamales are iconic Mexican foods. Mexicans are also known for their fiestas, or celebrations. Read more about Mexican culture here: The Mexican Culture (Facts About Mexico).

Finally, review a little bit of geography and history in addition to adding to your knowledge of Mexican culture: Mexico Facts for Kids That'll Give Them an Insight Into the Nation (Vacayholics).

Next, continue on to the Got It? section to learn about Mexican holidays!

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