Conflict Resolution Grades 3-5

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Uh oh! You're not getting along with someone and it doesn't feel good! What do you do? The only way to make it right is to solve the problem the right way. Learn how with videos and your own story!


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My little sister always gets whatever she wants. We went to the store this weekend and she got the toy that she has been asking for and I wasn't allowed to buy the PlayStation that I have been asking for. Everything that we do revolves around her. I am so sick of it.

Sometimes, we all get upset and angry with people we care about.

What do we do when this happens? Should you throw things, yell, and stomp your feet? Would doing any of these things help the situation? In this lesson, you will learn about conflict and the best ways to resolve conflict.

What is conflict? It is a disagreement or struggle between two people.

  • Brainstorm a definition for conflict and complete a bubble map with ways to resolve conflict. Download and Print Graphic Organizer - Bubble Map found in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Please watch the Kelso's Choice in Action - Conflict Resolution for Children video (below) about different ways to resolve conflict:

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Describe a conflict you've had with someone in the past.

  • What did you do?
  • How did the conflict get resolved?
  • How did the conflict make you feel?

To resolve conflict, people need to be able to talk and listen to each other.

  • Why do you think this is? Why is it important to talk with each other about your feelings and not keep them inside?

Ask a parent or family member about a conflict he or she was involved in. What did he or she do to resolve the conflict?

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