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What good is your brilliant idea if, when you talk about it, you turn to jelly? Learn from a 12-year-old app developer's video, and a bubble map, so you can prepare a great speech about your passion!


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Thomas Suarez is a 12-year-old boy with a passion. Once you find your passion, it becomes easier to express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas about that thing that really makes you who you are.

Listen as Suarez delivers his talk, meant to inspire others to find their passion.

A 12-year-old app developer (TED.com):

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You may have watched this video and thought Thomas Suarez is a lot like yourself.

He is a young boy who has an interest in gaming and developing apps. This young boy has turned his interest and passion into a reality. He successfully created apps that are available to the public. He also turned this passion into helping others.

Thomas Suarez must have spent a lot of time on his speech to deliver it so confidently to a full audience. You too can write and deliver a speech just as confidently!

To write a speech, you need an introduction. This is an opportunity to introduce yourself and your topic.

Next, you will give three reasons, or details, to support your introduction. This is an opportunity to add your personality and humor to your speech!

Finally, you will conclude your speech by stating your opinion on the topic and referencing the introduction. Watch the video again and make a list of what you liked about his speech and what you think made this a great speech.

Read the following articles to help you improve your writing. Jot down one idea from each article that will help you with your next speech:

When you have all your ideas gathered, move on to the Got It? section.

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