Introduction to Culture

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Why do groups of people act differently from each other? We all learn ways of acting, talking, and dressing from our cultural environment. Watch, read, and create projects about culture!


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  • Do you shake hands with a person you're meeting for the first time?
  • Do you attend church on Sunday mornings?
  • Does your family enjoy watching sporting events?

Each of these activities is a part of your culture.


  • How does culture influence your world?

Explore the aspects of culture and the ways in which it influences you!

Watch the video below to start with the basics of culture.

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Next, explore more of the specifics of culture with the following video.

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Culture can be defined as the set of beliefs, values, and practices a group has in common.

Cultural traits are activities or behaviors in which people often take part. The two largest factors that influence cultural traits are environment and history.

A cultural region is an area where people have many shared cultural traits. A single country may have one cultural region or several cultural regions. Alternately, a single cultural region may spread across several countries.

Cultural diversity is the state of having a variety of cultures in the same area. Cultural changes are caused by innovation. For example, culture changes as technology improves.

Think about the influence that cars, airplanes, and computers have had on global culture. Innovation has led to cultural diffusion, the spread of cultural traits from one region to another.

To learn more about culture, read Elements of Culture | Basic Elements of a Culture.

Then, read What is Culture? | Definition of Culture to explore the differences in major cultural regions of the world.

When you are ready, move on to the Got It? section.

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