The Case of the Missing Question Mark

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Detective Darlene's question marks are missing, so she cannot ask questions to solve her mystery. Practice using question marks with games before completing a worksheet to help Detective Darlene.



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Detectives need to ask important questions in order to solve a case. Since Detective Darlene can't find her question mark (?), she is having a problem asking any questions. Let's help her out!

When you are writing down a question, it always has to end in a question mark. Practice drawing a question mark in the air. Here is what a question mark looks like if you've forgotten:

question mark

So if you asked your friend how old he or she is, you would say:

  • How old are you?

Since it is a question, you have to end it with a question mark.

There are certain words that help you decide if a sentence is a question.

  • Can you think of any of these question words?

Share your thoughts with your parent or teacher. If you want to be a good detective, you will need to learn what these question words are; so you know how to ask good questions to solve your mystery.

Here is a list of the most common question words:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • Where?
  • How?

After reading the list, create a question with each of the words. Ask the question to your parent or teacher.

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