Alphabet Machine

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The Alphabet Machine is broken! Learn how to turn an uppercase letter into the correct lowercase letter, so you can fix it! Learn an online song and play online games before fixing the machine.



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


The Alphabet Machine is broken, and the people of Alphabet Town are desperate to find someone who can help fix it!

You are the best person for the job! Work through the lesson, and help fix the machine.

Alphabet Machine

Thanks for taking on the challenge!

Everyone in Alphabet Town is all mixed up!

As you can see in the picture above, the machine is taking uppercase letters and turning them into different lowercase letters. The machine should have turned the uppercase letter M into a lowercase m.

The people of Alphabet Town want the machine fixed, so they can go back to being with their exact match.

Before you fix the Alphabet Machine, you should practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Finding matching letters can be fun.

Sometimes the upper and lowercase letters look similar, so they are easy to match like P and p. Other times, the letters can look very different like G and g.

Look at the letters below, and point out the letters that look similar to you. Show them to your parent or teacher.


Check out this Big A, Little a Song! In the video, they say “Big A, little a,” but it means the same as “uppercase A, lowercase a.”

Big A, Little a Song!:

Now, watch the video again; and this time, get up and move to the song!

  • Can you make the letter shapes with your body?

Make sure you look at the screen, and listen to the words of the song! Not only do you get to practice seeing the upper and lowercase letters; you will get to hear the sound each letter makes! Sing along if you can.

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