Using Picture Books to Identify Beginning Sounds

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What sounds do you hear in the word BEAR? Practice listening for sounds while reading and using those sounds to write other words. You'll also choose fun projects or games to show what you've learned.


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Good readers look at the beginning sounds in words to help them read the words correctly.

Look at the word BEAR. Say the word BEAR. What sound do you hear first in the word bear?

In this lesson, we will take a close look at the beginning sounds in words using a favorite picture book.

To get started, you will review some sounds.

Ask your teacher or parent to print the Beginning Consonants Chart found in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. The top of the chart shows the letters you are going to work on in this lesson.

  • The first letter is B. B says /b/ like in bat. Your turn. Say B /b/.
  • The next letter is H. H says /h/ like in hat. Your turn. Say H /h/.
  • The next letter is M. M says /m/ like in mat. Your turn. Say M /m/.
  • The next letter is R. R says /r/ like in rat. Your turn. Say R /r/.
  • The last letter is S. S says /s/like in sat. Your turn. Say S /s/.

Now that you have practiced the sounds of each letter, you will think of words that begin with each letter sound. Each column in the chart has an example. Look at the B. Can you think of a word that begins with B /b/?

Write down the word you thought of that begins with the B sound. Work with your teacher or parent to write at least two words in each column that begins with each sound. Then, draw a picture next to each word that shows that word.

Keep this chart handy because you will use it again in the next part of the lesson.

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