Common Denominators

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Do you love fractions? Or do they send you running for the hills? Complete these low-stress online activities to discover fractions aren't that hard after all. You'll even get to play fun games!



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Do you break out into a cold sweat when your teacher talks about adding and subtracting fractions? If you do, then this is the right lesson for you!

Adding and subtracting fractions may get your heart racing, but there is nothing to fear!

You will learn how to add and subtract fractions that have a common denominator. Common denominator just means that the two fractions you are adding or subtracting have the same exact denominator. By the end of this lesson, you will love adding and subtracting fractions!

Complete this Scholastic Study Jams activity called Add & Subtract with Common Denominators. Click the round green Step By Step button to begin. Use the Show Me! and Next buttons to move through the activity.

When you have finished all four steps, click on the Watch Out! tab at the top of the window between the Home and the Try It! tabs. Complete the Watch Out! activity as well.

You will return to this activity in the Got It? section below, so leave the window open.

Extra Practice!

Dig in deeper to fractions!

Go through the Study Jams Step By Step for Simplest Form.

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