Classifying Plane Figures

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Shape up with this lesson! You'll review plane shapes through interactive online and hands-on activities. There is also a worksheet to show your knowledge of shapes.



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Access Shape Pictures found in the Downloadable Resources located in the right-hand sidebar.

Choose one of the photos also partially pictured below, and see how many shapes you can identify! (Pictures are numbered 1-5 and vary in grade/skill level and student interest.)

This lesson is a geometry review for classifying plane figures.

As you know, plane figures are flat figures. An example of a plane figure is a square that you draw on a piece of paper. Each of the shape pictures in the opening activity contains many plane figures.

Print and complete the Plane Shapes worksheet found in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. There is also a separate answer key entitled Plane Shapes Answer Key. Check your answers before moving on in the lesson.

Each section below includes activities which will help review this content area with you and allow you to show your knowledge of plane figures.

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