Bar Graphs

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Which cereal is the most popular? You will be able to figure that out after completing this lesson full of picture examples, a video, quiz, and interactive game to learn all about bar graphs.


Measurement and Data

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  • Do you know what is pictured above?
  • If you do, do you know what it's missing and how to use it?

The image above is a bar graph, and they are used to display and compare data.

You could compare data like how many people go to Disney Land each year over a span of 5 years. You could compare or graph all of the favorite colors of students from one classroom.

See the two examples below, and try to figure out what they have in common and how they are different:

snow days graph

favorite cereal graph

You probably noticed that they both have numbers on one side or axis. They both have bars, and each graph has a title that explains what is being compared. The difference between the graphs is that one has bars placed horizontally and the other has bars placed vertically. Even though the bars are on a different axis on each graph, they are still both bar graphs!

Learn how to organize your data and create Bar Graphs with Scholastic Study Jams! Click on the green PLAY VIDEO circle. 

When you are finished watching the video, head over to the Got It? section.

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