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Do you recognize the American flag or the eagle? Do you know what they mean? They are symbols that mean something bigger. With fun videos and games, learn about symbols and make a colorful mini-book!


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  • When you look at each of these pictures, what do they mean to you?

woman and heart symbols

If you said the picture of the woman stands for the women’s bathroom, and the heart stands for love, you are correct!

Although these pictures have no words, most people understand what they mean. They are called symbols.

A symbol is an object or image that stands for something else.

There are symbols that people use to represent the United States of America, and we call these American symbols.

  • Can you think of a symbol that would represent the United States?

American flag

The American flag is probably the most common symbol, but many others exist.

As you watch the video below, listen carefully for the American symbols mentioned.

Image - Video

  • How many symbols can you remember from the video?

Write the words or draw them on paper.

Next, watch Annie and Moby talk about U.S. symbols as Annie prepares to send a package to her pen pal in China! Add any new symbols you hear to your list!

Image - Video

When you are done, continue on to the Got It? section for some learning games!

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