Reflection Symmetry

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When you look into a mirror, what do you see? If you said, "Symmetry!" you're right! Working with a video, fun online games, and hands-on (or feet-on!) projects, learn about the beauty of symmetry!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Did you know that most plants and animals are created in perfect symmetry?

Another interesting fact is that when we see something in nature that is perfectly symmetrical, it appears to be more beautiful!

Symmetry is a big part of our world.

Look at the buildings in your community. Most of them will be symmetrical. Both art and architecture include symmetry in their designs. Even our own bodies are symmetrical. Symmetry makes objects appear more beautiful!

In order to understand the concept of symmetry and be able to identify it in your world, you first need to become familiar with some vocabulary.

  • Reflection symmetry, also known as line symmetry: A type of symmetry where a reflection line cuts a shape into two parts, making it possible for each side to fit exactly on top of the other side if the shape were folded in half. It is possible for a shape to have more than one reflection symmetry.

One way to help you understand reflection symmetry better is to think about looking in a mirror. When you look in a mirror, the image you see looks exactly like you. It is the same with reflection symmetry. When you look at a shape that has reflection symmetry, one side looks exactly like the other side.

mirror reflection

  • Reflection line, also known as the line of symmetry: It is the line drawn down the middle of a shape to show symmetry.

Below are some examples of shapes with reflection symmetry:

reflection symmetry

As you can see, the bottom two shapes have more than one reflection symmetry. The reflection line is the red line in each picture that is dividing the shape. The bottom two shapes have more than one reflection line.

Watch The Notion of Symmetry and Asymmetry Video For Kids for a better understanding of the concept:

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