Add and Subtract 4 Digits

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Hmmm. What did people use before calculators? How can you solve long problems without one? Use lots of online practice to learn to add and subtract large numbers without regrouping (or calculators)!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Do you need a calculator to add or subtract long numbers? Try this!

4529 - 2312 =

You certainly do NOT need a calculator to add or subtract, even if the numbers are really long, like 6846 - 5734!

Go through the Scholastic Study Jams! activity called + and - without Regrouping to see how to solve addition and subtraction problems without regrouping.

  • Click on the green STEP BY STEP circle to begin.
  • Use the Show Me and Next buttons to navigate through the steps.
  • Once you have finished with the first problem, move to the next example by clicking the Watch Out! tab.

Keep that window open and come back to it for the next part of this lesson.

Great job learning!

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