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Is it hot today where you live? If so, how hot? How can you tell? Learn how a thermometer uses a special liquid to measure the temperature and how to read it!


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Listen to this fun song about what to wear outside!

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  • What weather tool can help you decide what to wear each day?

A thermometer is a weather tool used to tell the temperature. This allows you to choose the appropriate clothing for the day.

thermometers showing hot and cold temperatures

When the liquid inside the thermometer moves up, the temperature is high or hot. When the liquid moves down, the temperature is low or cold.

Watch another fun video to learn how a thermometer measures temperature.

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Next, watch the following video to learn how to read a thermometer.

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In the video, the woman measured the temperature in degrees Celsius. In some places, people use Fahrenheit to measure the temperature.

0°C is the same as 32°F.

Check out The Interactive Thermometer to see more temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Use your arrow keys to change the thermometer reading and see what the weather would be like at that temperature.

When you are ready, move on to the Got It? section to earn your degree in thermometer knowledge!

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