Five Senses - Sound

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What do you hear right now? A dog? A clock? The radio? What is sound and how are you able to hear it? Watch a video and complete fun online activities and hands-on projects to learn how sound works.



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How is music made, and how do we hear it?

Sound is all around us.

Some sounds indicate joy, such as laughing or clapping. Some sounds indicate danger, such as a fire or police siren. Some sounds are musical notes that come together to make music. 

In this lesson, you will investigate and learn about sound using video, fun activities, and hands-on projects. 

Read the questions below, and then close your eyes for a minute or so.  

  • What are all of the sounds or noises you hear? 
  • Can you hear a clock ticking? 
  • Can you hear cars or lawn mowers outside? 
  • Can you hear people talking or playing? 
  • Can your hear someone typing? 

1. On a piece of paper, write or draw all of the sounds you heard when your eyes were closed. At the top of the paper write SOUNDCan you hear other sounds now that your eyes are open? Write or draw those on the paper as well. 

2. Watch SciShow Kids' What Is Sound? to learn about sound, vibrations, and sound waves. Add more information you learned to your SOUND paper. 

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