Creating Name Poems

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Names tell so much about a person. Practice writing name poems about yourself and a character from a storybook video. You will also get to write about a special person in your life!



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Watch this NBC New York video, This Teen Just Discovered a WHOLE NEW PLANET! by News 4 Now:

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Imagine you discovered a new planet.

  • What would you name it?
  • How would you decide on a name?
  • What factors would influence your choice?

A planet's name is an important way to help people understand and remember it.

A person's name is just as important and is often a large part of the person's identity.

Think about your own name for a moment.

  • Have you ever asked your parents how they chose your name?

Maybe you were named after a family member, or maybe your name has a special meaning. Your name is a part of who you are.

Creating a name poem is a fun form of creative writing.

Writing a poem about yourself may seem challenging; however, when you break it down into simple steps, it is a fun way to tell people more about yourself.

It is also good practice for character description and the personal narrative form of writing! So let's get started!

Read the example, and then follow the directions line by line to create your own.


Peaceful face

Quiet voice

Hair of bouncy blondish curls

Eyes of blue with sprinkles of green

Loves reading, baseball, and writing

Where can you find her when you look?

She'll be in a corner, reading a book!

Time to create your own name poem!

Follow the directions below to write all 8 lines of your poem. Then, you can print it out or save it.

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Great job!

Now move on the Got It? section and get some more practice writing name poems!


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