Nouns: With Verbs

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"The dog." "The cat." "The tree." What is that all about? Let's add a verb: "The dog chased the cat up the tree." That makes more sense! Verbs add action to sentences and nouns love to hang with them!



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We interrupt this lesson for an important announcement: “A noun used as a subject needs a verb.”

What if you are the one person who doesn’t know what a verb is?

Then this news would be important to you. A verb has the important job of telling what the subject (noun) does or is.

If you missed or want a refresher on the previous Nouns Related Lessons, head over to the right-hand sidebar.

  • In the following sentence, “A rabbit raced across the yard,” what is the subject of the sentence?
  • Did you say, "rabbit"?

If you did, you are correct! Rabbit is the subject of the sentence, and it is a noun. Let’s ask the rabbit what he did.

  • What did the rabbit do?
  • Did you say, "raced across the yard"?

If you did, you are correct again. Raced across the yard would be the complete predicate, which is the verb and all the other words that tell what the subject does or is.

  • Out of those words, which word is the verb?

If you said, "raced," then you are correct! "Raced" is an action verb that tells how the rabbit traveled across the yard.

For a fun review, listen to this rap song on verbs. Stand up so you can participate by doing all of the actions stated in the song. Listen to Verb Rap Song from Have Fun Teaching:

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Remember that a verb shows action or state of being. In a sentence, it tells what the subject does or is.

Continue to the Got It? section to practice finding verbs in a sentence.

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