The Statue of Liberty and Freedom

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Do you like to travel, worship, and speak however you want? That is freedom, or liberty! There is a big green lady in New York who represents freedom and the chance for a new life for immigrants!


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  • Do you know the name of this statue?
  • What do you think about when you see this picture?

You might say New York City, or fireworks. This statue means many things to different people.

Come learn more about the Statue of Liberty!

For people immigrating, which means leaving the country in which they were born and moving to the United States, the Statue of Liberty means freedom.

The United States is called the “Land of the Free,” and this statue is one of the main symbols that celebrates that idea. One of her feet is breaking out of a chain, showing she is free. The American flag and the bald eagle are other symbols of the United States.

The Statue of Liberty is on a small island called Liberty Island, right off the shore of New York City. It is also next to Ellis Island, which was the island many immigrants in the early 1900s came to to get checked before landing in New York to start their new life.

(To learn more about Ellis Island, explore the Elephango lesson under Additional Resources in the right-hand sidebar.)

There are many accounts of immigrants shouting with excitement when they could see the Statue of Liberty from their boat! Seeing the statue meant they had arrived in America!

In the Got It? section below, you will find some questions that you can think about as you watch the following videos!

Here is a wonderful FreeSchool video, The Statue of Liberty for Kids: Famous World Landmarks for Children, to show you more about this famous landmark:

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As you listen to the story called A Picnic in October by Eve Bunting, try to understand why celebrating the Statue of Liberty’s birthday is so important to the grandma:

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Continue on to the Got It? section to talk about what you've learned.

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