Descriptive Writing

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"The beach was fun." Isn't that boring? Wouldn't you rather know what it sounded or smelled or felt like? Using a video read-along, charts, and your imagination, learn to write a "sense"-ible story!


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  • When you look at this picture how can you describe it?
  • What sounds would you hear if you were in this setting?
  • What would you see?
  • What would you feel? 

Using descriptive language in your writing helps the reader to create a mental picture using all five senses.

In Hello Ocean by Pam Munoz (below), a girl visits the beach with her family. Watch the video and see how many words you can find that use your five senses (taste, touch, feel, hearing, and sight).

Download and print the Five Senses Wheel found in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Fill in your observations as you watch the video:

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  • Did you notice the colors used to describe the ocean (gray, green, blue, a chameleon always changing hue)?
  • The author uses words to describe what you hear at the ocean, too. Did you notice the words lion's roar and crashing rumors? 
  • What words do you hear to describe the sense of touch? Did you notice the words wrap in a wet embrace, pushing and pulling? 
  • What words describe the sense of smell? Did you find the words reeky, fragrant, aroma, and musty? These words all describe how the ocean smells. 
  • What words describe the sense of taste? Did you find salty and tears to describe the taste of the water? 
  • Are there other words you included on your graphic organizer?
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