Compound Words

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Have you ever seen a house fly? Or watched a corn stalk? Have you heard a penny whistle? What happens if you put these word pairs together? Study compound words, play games, and get your crayons out!



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What word do you get when you put together the words "note" and "book"? What other words can you put together? Let's find out!

When you put together the words "note" and "book," you are creating the compound word, "notebook"!

You know what a notebook is, right? It's a book you write notes in!

A compound word is any word that is made up of two other words. During this lesson, you will learn how to identify compound words and read them!

There are many compound words in the English language. Can you figure out what compound word is shown below by looking at the pictures? Tell your parent or teacher what you think the compound word will be:

butter and fly

If you put together the words "butter" and "fly," you will create the compound word "butterfly." Do you see how both of the words combine together to make a new word? Great!


Try figuring out another compound word. Use the pictures and words below to help you create another compound word. Tell your parent or teacher your answer:

pan and cake

When you combine the words "pan" and "cake" together, you make the compound word "pancake"!


Are you hungry to learn more about compound words? If so, here is a compound words song. With your parent or teacher, sing along to the song, Compound Boogie:

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That was a great song! You learned so many new compound words. Tell your parent or teacher some examples of compound words you learned in the song.

After sharing, move on to the Got It? section to explore more compound words by playing games!

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