Cardinal Map Directions

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Have you ever danced to the NEWS? We mean north, east, west, and south! Using videos, dance moves, and online games, learn how to find north, south, east, and west on a map! Then, draw your own map!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Who do people say lives at the North Pole? Santa Claus! Do you know where the North Pole is located on the Earth? The North Pole is the very top of the Earth! So, where do you think the South Pole is on the Earth?

If you guessed the bottom of the Earth, you are correct!

The words "north" and "south" are direction words. They tell us in what direction places are located. There are two more words we use when naming directions; they are "east" and "west."

Point to the words "East" and "West."

These words can help you locate places on a map. Look at the map below.

  • Can you point to where the directions are shown?

That is called a compass rose. On a map, north should always point to the top of the map.

map with compass rose

You can practice your directions with this Cardinal Directions Song, from Mr. R.'s Songs for Teaching (below). Listen to the song twice. The first time, watch the video to see the directions shown on all types of maps. The second time you listen to the song, get up and dance with your teacher or parent:


Take a rest from dancing, then move on to the Got It? section to play some online learning games!

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