Journal Writing - Important Thoughts

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Do you forget important thoughts and events? How did you feel on that special day? Remember that funny joke? Writing a daily diary will help you. Amelia and Worm will teach you how to write a journal!



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What a day! Imagine that your team won the first game of the season and your best friend is coming over to play and you are going out for ice cream tonight. Today was truly special! How can you remember all of these important moments?

There are different reasons to write in a diary. In the book Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin, Worm shows different types of journal writing. Can you find a list entry, a memory, and a day that was not so good? Worm uses his diary to document all of these events and thoughts. He also includes pictures, comics, and mementos to help him remember what is important to him. Watch the video below:

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