How I Am Connected to the Past

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Why should you care about something that already happened? It is because of the past that you are who you are! Discover why you study history and what life was like in the past.


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  • Has an adult ever told you how lucky you are to have today's gadgets like the internet or smartphones?

Watch a family discover technology from the 1980s in the video below.

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Wow! That gaming system looked like ancient history compared to the ones today!

  • When you hear the word history, what do you think about?
  • Do you think you have anything to do with history?

YOU have a lot to do with history.

Where you live, what you eat, how you speak, what you play with, and even how you greet other people all have to do with history. Your life is a collection of things learned from the past.

Today, people are creating new technologies and making discoveries that will change life for your children.

To make good choices, you need to learn about your past and the history of our world. Our world and its people have changed a lot over time.

In this lesson, go back to the time of the early humans and learn about life — especially what it was like for children. Then, continue to go through time and learn about the differences and similarities concerning children living in different periods until you return to the current period.

Even though you may think you have nothing to do with history, everything you are and do has been influenced by our history!

  • It is a crazy idea, right?

Watch the following video to learn why learning history is important.

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  • Are you ready to learn about yourself by traveling back in time?

Head over to the Got It? section to get started!

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