Scientific Method

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How do scientists figure things out? Can you figure out scientific answers yourself? You don't need a white lab coat, but a penny, some videos, and cool experiments teach you the scientific method!


Scientific Method, Scientific Method

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What happens when you rub an inflated balloon on your hair? How can you clean a penny without soap? What happens when you water a plant every day or never water a plant? The answers to these questions and others can be yours if you follow the steps involved in the scientific method!

What process do scientists such as yourself work through to answer questions? How can performing the scientific method help you answer questions about science? In this lesson, you will explore the scientific method, a process you can repeat as many times as you like to answer your most intriguing questions.

1. Watch Teacher's Pet - The scientific method (below). As you watch, pause the video to take notes using the Graphic Organizer – Notes found in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Use the questions below as a guide to assist you in note-taking.

What is the scientific method?

Describe each step of the scientific method: observation, research, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion, share results.

  • What is qualitative data?
  • What is quantitative data?
  • What is an independent variable?
  • What is a dependent variable?
  • What is an experimental group?
  • What is a control group?


2. View these slides on the scientific method steps.

3. Watch a Scientific Methods video, courtesy of Study Jams! (You will need to click on the green Play Video circle.) As you watch, pause the video to takes notes on the Graphic Organizer - Scientific Method found in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. This will allow you to follow along with an experiment to see how it’s done.

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