The Human Impact on the Earth

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Where did your breakfast come from? How about your clothes? If you said the store, you haven't gone back far enough! Learn about the environment and how we impact it!


Earth Science, People and Their Environment

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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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Look at both images below.

Image - Video

  • What is happening in these photos?

Every living thing has an impact on the natural world!

Plants, animals, and even humans change their environments to suit their needs. Humans seem to have the greatest and most dramatic effect on the earth.

Look at the photos above again.

  • What happened in these photos?
  • Who do you think was responsible? Why?

Many human actions on the environment have negative consequences for our natural resources, animals, plants, and the atmosphere.

Watch the videos below to learn how humans use natural resources and how we get those resources that are far away or hard to retrieve.

Image - Video

  • What have you learned about humans, resources, and how we impact the environment?

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