Story Settings - When a Story Takes Place and How It Influences the Characters and Events of the Story

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Being a Setting Snoop helps you understand and remember stories! Snoops look for clues like weather and locations for the setting. Read fun books and choose a clever activity to learn about settings!



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Charles Schulz's comic strip character, Snoopy, always began his novels with the line, “It was a dark and stormy night." He knew that the right setting is vital to a good story!

Understanding the concept of setting — the where and when of a story — will help you read with purpose and recall details.

Let’s review how to determine where a story takes place.

We look at picture and text clues in the story to determine where a story took place. For example, in the fairy tale, The Three Little Pigs, the story takes place in the three houses.

Now, we will talk about another part of the setting that answers the question, "When does the story take place?" You can tell when the story takes place by noticing the weather, plant growth, or the clothing people are wearing. Is it a dark night or a sunny day? You can use the clues in the pictures and text.

Let’s look at the book, The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats. If you have this book, go and get it! If not, you can probably get it from the library or just watch it below:


Because the characters in the book are wearing sweaters, hats, and warm clothes, it must be cold outside. The pictures show that it is snowing. It only snows in the winter. This story must take place in winter! That is when it takes place. How did we know that the story takes place in winter? We looked at the pictures and read the text to give us clues as to when the story takes place.

Now where does this story take place? Use pictures and text clues to answer this question!

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