Text to Text Connections

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In this lesson you will learn that readers make connections when they read to other texts they have read in the past. Making connections add to the reader's understanding.



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Watch The Three Pigs by David Weisner. Does this book remind you of other books you have read? Which ones? Does recalling the other books help you to better understand The Three PigsDid you know when readers make connections it helps them feel like they are in the story? 

Readers make connections when they link their reading to other texts they have read in the past. Making connections addto the reader'thinking to build a better understanding of the topic or storyGood readers make connections to the text to create mental images, understand how a character is feeling, and to feel like they are a part of the story. Connections should not distract to make the reader forget what they are currently reading. This video gives an example of text to text connections.  

Some questions and statements to consider when making connections are: 

  • What does this remind you of in another book you have read? 
  • How is this text similar to other books you have read? 
  • How is this text different from other books you have read? 
  • This character reminds me of the character in another book because… 
  • The part of the story reminds me of the book I read some time ago… 
  • I think the book will end this way because in another book I read… 

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