Text to World Connections

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In this lesson, the student will explore text to world connections to create associations with history, current events, and the world around him or her with the use of graphic organizers.


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How does what you read relate to the world around you?

A type of connection a reader makes is a text to world connection. A text to world connection is made when the reader uses information from the world to understand what he or she is reading. A worlconnection comes from history, the news, and from your observations or knowledge about the place where you live or about world events. Watch this video to see an example of a text to world connection.  

Deep text connections help the reader create mental images, understand how a character is feeling, understand the events, and feel like he or she is a part of the story. Connections should not be distracting you from what you are reading. Some questions to consider when making text to world connections are:   

  • What does this remind you of in history, the news, or current events?  
  • How is this text information similar to events in the world? 
  • How is this text information different from the events in the world that relate to the book?  
  • This character reminds me of ________________ because…  
  • The part of the text reminds me of the __________________…  
  • I think the book will end this way because __________________… 

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