Writing a Realistic Story

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The best stories are the ones you believe! Learn how to write a realistic story using characteristics of people you know in your own life.



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Jill is an 11-year-old girl. She loves to play basketball. Her mom is always telling her to put the ball down and to stop dribbling in the house. Yesterday when she was playing with the ball in the house, she knocked over a lamp. It fell to the floor with a crash.

Think about the story.

Do you know anyone like Jill? If so, what types of things does he or she do to make his or her mom angry? Was there a time when this person didn't listen to warnings and actually broke something? Did he or she get into trouble?

Jill isn't real, but this could be a true story because it is realistic. Jill is a regular kid doing something believable.

A realistic story is part real and part made-up. The characters are believable and can be based on real-life people. The setting is a real place.

Realistic stories have believable problems. The characters face realistic situations and need to overcome problems. Writing a realistic story can be based on the author's own experiences and interests, but the final story is more fiction than fact.

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