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It is a lot of fun to watch the characters on stage in a play. You can write your very own play! You will write and perform a play using dialogue and actions to tell a story to an audience.



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Have you ever seen a play in a theater? It is a lot of fun to watch the characters on stage. You can write your very own play.

Watch this video clip of the Mary Poppins Broadway show.

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" from MARY POPPINS on Broadway:

Have you noticed when you watch a play that the characters mostly use dialogue to tell the story? Through the characters' actions and dialogue, the audience is able to see the development of the plot. As the characters talk, the story moves forward.

Before you decide what you want to write about for your play/script read the three examples linked to this lesson.

You will note that you can choose a topic in science or social studies to write about, a familiar tale or poem or another idea you want to develop.

Writing a play is a fun activity to create and bring your interests, experiences, and imagination to life. Many plays are written and performed to teach a lesson or a moral.

Most plays begin by introducing the main characters and setting. A problem is established early on in the play for the characters to solve. Once the problem is solved, the play ends. To further explore how to write a play or script follow along with the eight steps outlined in this link.

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