Clean Up Your Grammar!

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A messy room looks bad, and messy grammar sounds bad! Using videos, worksheets, and online exercises, learn to clean up your grammar! You will use your skills to create greeting cards to cheer others!



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Does your mom make you clean your room? Well, now it is time to clean up your grammar, and this time it's fun! You can exercise your writing skills so your cards and letters won't be sloppy! Now, about that room . . .

As you know, in order to be a good writer, you need to be able to edit your writing pieces.

This is not limited to essays and research papers. Editing skills are important for every type of writing you perform. This lesson will reinforce the rules for punctuation. Let's quickly review the rules for editing - it's as easy as C.U.P.S.! Begin the editing process by creating a checklist for each of the following items:

C - Capital Letters - Do all of your sentences begin with a capital letter? Are all of you proper nouns capitalized?

U - Understanding - Is your message clear? Will your reader be able to understand the point you are making?

P - Punctuation - Check all the punctuation at the end, and in your sentences. 

S- Spelling - Make sure each and every word is spelled corrrectly, and watch out for homophones! 

Now that you have reviewed the steps to follow when editing, watch this "Don't Forget to Edit - Adventures in Writing Camp Lyrics" to help you better understand why editing is so important.

Now review some punctuation basics!

Hopefully now you can see, just how helpful editing can be!

Complete one of the following worksheets (Choose your grade or ability level).  You can find these documents in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar:

  • Clean Up Your Grammar: Third Grade Editing
  • Clean Up Your Grammar: Fourth Grade Editing
  • Clean Up Your Grammar: Fifth Grade Editing
Did you find all of the errors? What do you think would happen if adults and people who wrote books did not edit their work? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

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