Capital Letters

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How do peppermints helps you remember the rules for capitalization? Watch a video, use some online worksheets, and write your own piece to learn about M.I.N.T.S. and capital letters (and acronyms)!



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How can this picture help you capitalize letters in your writing?

Capitalizing letters in your writing helps the reader to read with fluency and to understand the context of the writing. 

This "Mints" Acronym for Capitalization video (below) demonstrates how the word "mints" can help you use capital letters in your writing. Label a piece of paper with the acronym M-I-N-T-S with one letter on each line. When you watch the video, add the word or phrase that matches the letter in the acronym. 

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You can also download the Capitalization Rules as a reference for the activities in this lesson.

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