Come Visit My Hometown!

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Each of our communities is unique and offers lots to do for visitors. Today, you will advertise your city to possible visitors while learning expository writing skills and creating a flip book!



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What are some interesting places to see and fun things to do in your hometown? Do you think others would be interested in what your community offers? How would you convince someone to move to your town?

What is expository writing? Expository and informative writing are the same. When you are writing an expository or informative piece, you are giving your reader information about a meaningful subject; you are exposing information.

In this type of writing, you do not include your opinions about the subject in your writing piece, but simply facts and details. Your job is to give information completely and clearly.

In an expository writing piece, you give directions, present information about a person, place, or thing, or explain how to make or do something.

When writing an expository piece, you need to follow a specific structure. Your expository writing piece should include:

  • the beginning

  • the body

  • the ending

The beginning of your expository writing piece should grab your reader’s attention. You can do this by:

  • asking questions about the subject

  • telling an interesting story

  • presenting a fact about the subject

  • quoting an expert on the subject

  • giving an example of the subject

The body of your expository writing piece can include several paragraphs, including supporting details.

The ending of your expository writing piece should tie together all of your supporting points and provide a conclusion. This is where you make sure your reader clearly understands the subject you are writing about.

Watch this video on Expository Writing to learn more about this topic:

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Keep the information above available as you as you work through the process of writing an expository piece on your hometown. For this assignment, you will need to inform your reader about the most interesting sights and the most fun activities in your hometown using a flipbook you create!

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