Mr. D Math - Making 10s For Fast Addition!

Contributor: Dennis Denoia. Lesson ID: 10299

What if you have a whole bunch of single numbers to add up and don't want to write it all out? Help Mr. D figure out his Putt-Putt Golf score and learn the secret of looking for 10s for fast addition!


Arithmetic, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Whole Numbers and Operations

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Auditory, Visual
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Primary (K-2), Intermediate (3-5)
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Skill Sharpener

Lesson Plan - Get It!


"Wood" you like to take a swing at learning how to add numbers in a hurry? Join the club, with Mr. D as the driver!

Check out Mr. D's video below on Making 10s for Fast Addition!

(Warning: Mr. D sneaks in the commutative property of math!)


Play through to the Got It? section for some practice swings!

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