Using Pictures to Subtract

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What if you had your own robot? What would it look like? What would it do? It could help you clean and do your chores. It could even help you subtract!


Arithmetic, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Whole Numbers and Operations

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Try not to sing along with the clean-up robot in the video below!

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  • How would you like a robot to clean your room?
  • It would put away all your toys and clothes and even vacuum the floor!

You can design your very own robot at Make a Robot and even print it out when you are finished!

  • What else could your robot help you do?
  • What did you name your robot?

You and 7 of your friends ask your robot to clean your rooms, but it only had time to clean 5 of them before it had to recharge.

  • How many rooms does it have left to clean?

You can use pictures to solve the problem.

There are 8 rooms in total, and the robot cleaned 5 of them, so you can cross those out.

  • How many rooms are not crossed out?

room problem

There are 3 rooms not crossed off, so 3 is the answer!

The answer in subtraction is called the difference because you are comparing the difference of 8 rooms and 5 rooms.

  • What would this math sentence look like?

8 rooms - 5 rooms = 3 rooms

8 - 5 = 3

Great work!

  • Are you ready to try another one?

You bring your robot to school and put it in charge of handing out the snack to your class of 15 students. Your crazy robot accidentally gives cookies to the 3 classroom hamsters!

  • How many cookies are available now for snack?

Use the picture to help you set up and solve the problem.

hamsters with 3 cookies and 12 cookies for snack

Yes! There are 12 cookies left for snack.

15 - 3 = 12

Keep up the great work in the Got It? section!

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