Amelia Earhart's Accomplishments and Contributions

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Do you have hopes of accomplishing great things, or are you afraid something might hold you back? Amelia Earhart flew above expectations for women of her time. Learn from her contributions!


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Amelia Earhart set flying records and was a pioneer in aviation and women’s rights, but these weren't her only accomplishments in life.

Fly along with Amelia Earhart in this lesson as you learn about her accomplishments and contributions to the world!

Get to know Amelia Earhart as you study her life in the video below.

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Studying the lives of significant people can help you understand history from a different perspective (point of view) and recognize an individual’s impact on an event or in the world.

In this lesson, you will explore the life of Amelia Earhart and her accomplishments and contributions to history. This lesson is part of a series of three High Flyer Related Lessons, found in the right-hand sidebar. You can complete one or all of them to fully examine Earhart's life.

As you explore the life of Ms. Earhart, create a concept map of her accomplishments and contributions to the world. Use the Amelia Earhart Resource Notes Concept Map found under Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. The Amelia Earhart Resource Notes Answer Key is also available.

Explore the following resources to learn about Amelia Earhart

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Feel free to use other resources to fill in your concept map. Some Suggested Reading resources are noted in the right-hand sidebar.

Now that you know some more about Ms. Earhart's life, it's time to move on to the Got It? section to show what you know!

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