Making Predictions

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Have you ever read a story or watched a show and said, "Oh, I know what's going to happen next!"? That's a prediction! Learning how to follow clues like a detective will make you a better reader!



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  • Have you ever made a prediction?

Detectives and weather forecasters make predictions every day while they work. For example, when a detective walks into a kitchen and sees a sink full of dirty dishes, and it smells like fresh cookies, what may he predict?

Making predictions is something we do when we think something is going to happen based on clues. For example, when I see dark clouds, I predict it is going to rain. We make predictions when we read, too!

Making predictions can help us understand and get involved when we read.

The first thing we want to do is to look at the title and the cover of the book.

  • What clues do they give us about the book?

The next thing you can do is take a picture walk through the book. That means you go through the book and look at the pictures.

Take a look at the pictures the children are looking at in the photograph below:

children reading a book

  • Can you tell what the book is about by the pictures?
  • Do you already know something about the topic?

That may help you understand what the book is about.

Check out Reading Comprehension Strategy -, from Some Birds on a Wire 2011, below for more ideas for making predictions:

Image - Video

  • What did you predict would happen to Sam, the Sock Monkey?
  • Do you remember some of the different ways that you can make predictions?

Let's review. You can make predictions based on:

  • the plot
  • the characters
  • the events in the story
  • pictures in the story
  • the book's cover
  • the title of the book

Now that you've learned more about making predictions, it's time to try out your talent!

Continue on to the Got It? section to practice making predictions with a fun activity and a short story.

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