Discovering the Author's Purpose

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In this lesson, using PIE (Pie? Yum!) and an online activity, you will learn about an author's purpose, then test yourself online by reading short passages and deciding what the author's purpose is!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Think about your favorite book.

  • What do you like about it?
  • Who is the author?

Now, imagine the author writing your favorite book.

  • In your opinion, why do you think he or she wrote the book?

When we think about why an author wrote, we are thinking about the author's purpose. This helps us understand and appreciate the book!

Sometimes, authors write to entertain you or make you laugh.

Other times, they write to give you information. Sometimes, authors want to persuade you to think or do something. We can remember the different reasons, or purposes, why authors write by using this handy acronym: PIE.

  • P - Persuade The author wants to convince the reader of a certain point of view.

  • I - Inform The author wants to teach or give information to the reader.

  • E - Entertain The author is writing to entertain, to make the reader laugh or enjoy himself.

Let's think about this acronym a bit more!

Would you try to persuade your teacher to give you pie? Perhaps you might inform your teacher of the benefits of eating pie? Or maybe you would be willing to perform or entertain your teacher in exchange for some pie? Just remember, when you are thinking about author's purpose, think of PIE!

Watch this short Author's Purpose video from heathershoresinco (below) for more details. When you finish watching the video, you're ready to move on:


Now, you are ready to move on to the Got It? section to prove you got it!

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