Cause and Effect in Non-Fiction

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Sadly, every natural disaster stems from a cause and sometimes produces many effects. In this lesson, you will explore non-fiction to identify the cause and effect relationships of natural disasters.



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The house began to shake. The glasses and plates in the kitchen cabinets started to clink and bang. Suddenly, the shaking turned into jolting! It was an earthquake! The plates slid out of the cabinets and crashed onto the floor. The house shook so hard the refrigerator door even burst open! Strong earthquakes can cause lots of mess and damage in homes. Why does this happen?

Have you ever wondered why certain things happen?

Things happen because of cause and effect. For example, what happens when an earthquake occurs? The earthquake is the cause and what happens because of the earthquake is the effect.

Take a closer look at natural disasters and cause and effect. What natural disasters are you familiar with or have you experienced? Think about some examples like earthquakes, blizzards, and hurricanes.

First, define cause and effect. Cause is an action which produces a consequence (effect).

Check these examples. Can you find the cause and effect?

  1. It snowed two feet last night! The roads are closed.

  1. A hurricane is coming, so my parents bought extra food and water.

  1. It rained so much that the roads flooded!

You can see from these examples that the cause is the first thing that happened. You're going to look at how cause and effect works in non-fiction materials about natural disasters.

Continue on to the Got It? section to further explore a natural disaster.

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