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What do you want in your next job? Better yet, what does an employer want from you? That is the question this lesson will answer! Using sample applications and a self-assessment essay, get prepared!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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Pretend that you work at a local food bank and are looking for student volunteers. What qualities would you look for in a potential volunteer? Why would these qualities be important to you?

What types of skills, qualities, and behaviors would you look for when hiring a student volunteer?

Would you want someone who is consistently late and makes excuses for tardiness? Would you want someone who is creative but unorganized, or would you want someone who works well with others and thinks outside the box?

There are many things employers look for when hiring a new employee or volunteer, and sometimes it can be a very difficult decision as to whom they should hire.

Skill Something a person can do; a proficiency gained or developed through training or experience. For example:

  • math skills
  • writing skills
  • skills in organizing materials
  • skills in organizing other people; a leader
  • skills in talking with other people and communicating effectively

Quality A personal trait or characteristic. For example:

  • honest
  • positive
  • caring
  • imaginative, creative

Behavior The actions a person takes. For example:

  • always on time
  • focuses consistently on the task
  • only takes breaks as agreed upon
  • helps others as needed with their tasks

Brainstorm a few qualities, skills, and personal behaviors that you would want in an employee.

Then, continue on to the Got It? section to practice rating job candidates.

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