Making Strategic Use of Digital Media in Presentations

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Do you know what digital media is or how to use it to enhance a presentation? Learn how to make strategic use of digital media elements in presentations!


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Digital media is everywhere these days! The advancement of technology and the widespread availability of the internet enable the easy creation, distribution, and consumption of content across various digital channels.

Businessman holding multimedia tech devices in his hand

Digital media is any form of media content stored and transmitted digitally, including text, images, audio, video, and interactive content that can be accessed and manipulated through electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and other digital platforms.

It can take various forms, including websites, social media posts, blogs, online articles, podcasts, streaming videos, e-books, and more.

Digital media is essential in helping learners visualize important concepts or, in some cases, experience the world and what they are learning more meaningfully.

  • For example, if someone were giving a presentation on the Arctic fox, wouldn't the presentation be so much better if it included a picture of this unique fox or maybe even a video of it walking around in its habitat?


Arctic fox

Incorporating digital media into presentations helps learners become more engaged and interested in the presented content. It helps to enhance presentations. 

It also makes the audience learn more about what is being presented! People grasp concepts better when presented with both words and images.

So, including images in a presentation is one way to enhance it and make it more engaging for the audience. 

  • What other types of digital media might enhance a presentation?

Check out the list below! 

  • » audio clips
  • » graphics (diagrams, charts)
  • » videos
  • » simulations
  • » interactive elements (polls)
  • » animations 
  • » textual elements (fonts, colors, quotes)

Many types of digital media elements can be used to enhance a presentation; however, it's essential to strategically choose the elements included in a presentation.

For example, if you were giving a presentation about the anatomy of an elephant, you would include an image of the elephant's internal organs, like the one below.

graphic of an elephant's internal skeleton and organs

However, you probably would not include the clip below because it would not enhance your audience's understanding of an elephant's anatomy.

Image - Video

Think of another example. Say you are giving a presentation about recycling plastic bottles.

Image - Video

Great work!

A chart showing the amount of plastic found in the ocean each year would enhance your audience's understanding of this topic and provide convincing evidence about the importance of recycling. 

Images of innovative products created from recycled plastic bottles would show your audience why recycling is beneficial. 

Lastly, a video showing the benefits of recycling plastic bottles would add interest and help engage your audience. 

Of course, the audio clip about the benefits of organic farming would not be helpful or relevant to this topic. 

Watch the following video for tips on how to include (and not include) digital media elements in a presentation. While watching, write down at least three tips you think are interesting and valuable.

Image - Video

Excellent work learning about the different types of digital media elements that can be used in presentations and strategic ways to use digital media elements.

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